Collective Investing

Collective Investing is a real estate investment firm specializing in multifamily syndication.  We believe that every person can get into real estate investing regardless of the time they have.  We make real estate investing easier by providing passive investment opportunities to accredited investors.

Throughout our tech careers, we found that few people in tech knew about investing in real estate and its benefits.  Furthermore, if they did know about the benefits, they weren’t sure where to start. Collective Investing was formed with the idea of bringing people together to educate them and bring them passive investment opportunities.

At Collective Investing, we find assets, build a business plan, run the day-to-day business activities, and bring together passive investors to share in the returns.  We employ a value add strategy to improve the apartment communities we invest in. We strive to create community and improve the quality of life of our residents.

Our investors reap the benefits of our engineering and real estate backgrounds in the form of: a data driven approach to identifying markets and properties; risk mitigation through data analysis; clear reporting; passive investments that are easy for them; and the tax benefits of owning real estate.  We invest alongside our investors in every deal.

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Aubrey Tatarowicz Managing Partner

Aubrey is a co-founder and Managing Partner of Collective Investing.  Aubrey started out as a software engineer at Google after graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with both bachelor’s and master’s degrees.  She approaches her real estate investing strategy with that same attention to detail that you would expect from an engineer.  She brings this engineering expertise to real estate by using strong math and modelling skills to understand and structure investments to mitigate risk and optimize for strong returns.

Prior to moving into the multifamily syndication space, she’s always been interested in real estate investing and even helped her father flip houses growing up.  Four years ago, she started investing in real estate by building a portfolio of single family homes.  These single family homes consistently return positive cashflow.  As an engineer, Aubrey wanted to leverage economies of scale and hence moved into the strong asset class of residential multifamily.

Myriem Mhirit Managing Partner

Myriem is a co-founder and Managing Partner of Collective Investing.  With an engineering background, she brings an analytical and detail oriented approach to finding, vetting, and managing investment opportunities.

Her real estate investing career started with acquiring a portfolio of single family rentals.  She is passionate about teaching others how to get into real estate investing, even if they don’t have time to spend finding and managing deals themselves.  She shares her knowledge with friends and family and has found that investing in apartments is a great way to provide passive investing opportunities to others.

Myriem applies top level execution to all aspects of her life.  She started her journey in the US by landing a Division I full scholarship in tennis, competing at a top level while also completing a Computer Science degree at the same time.  As a respected software engineer, she’s built scalable systems in the startup world.  She applies these same principles of scalability and leverages a data driven approach to real estate investing.

Joe Fairless Property Evaluation Consultant

Joe Fairless is the Co-founder of Ashcroft Capital, one of the premier multifamily investment firms in the nation with over $900,000,000 of capital under management. In addition to his work with Ashcroft Capital, Joe consults with investors and educates the public about real estate investments through his hit podcast Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Show, which is the longest running daily real estate podcast in the world. Joe is also a proud Member of the Texas Tech Alumni Advisor Board for the College of Media and Communication, as well as being recognized as Outstanding Alumni at Texas Tech University, where he is a former Adjunct Professor. In 2018 Joe was also recognized as Multifamily Investor of the Year by Think Realty Magazine.

Joe has a passion for giving back to his community. Through Best Ever Causes, an initiative founded by Joe and his wife, Colleen, he is able to not only donate to, but also highlight different non-profit organizations monthly. Since 2012, he has been offering advertising scholarships to Texas Tech students who are on the school’s advertising team through the program NYCAdventures. Joe is currently a Junior Achievement Board Member and Volunteer for the Cincinnati chapter and has been recognized by the Junior Achievement’s Free Enterprise Society. Joe currently volunteers at Crossroads Hospice.